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Wealthiest viewers choose Will & Grace

NBC’s Thursday night, led by Will & Grace, is the most upscale in
television, attracting the largest percentage of adults 18-49 who earn incomes
of more than $75,000 annually, according to a new report from MAGNA Global USA’s
Steve Sternberg.

Will & Grace and its lead-out last year, Good Morning, Miami,
are the two most upscale shows on TV in this demo, but Scrubs, Friends
and ER all are in the top 10.

Fox’s Joe Millionaire was the No. 3 most upscale show in adults 18-49
as well as third in adults 18-34, making it the most upscale reality show of
last season.

American Idol: Search for a Superstar, Fox’s other reality powerhouse, is the 12th
most upscale show in adults 18-49 and the 18th among adults 18-34.
Fox’s Mr. Personality and Married by America, both mediocre
ratings performers, each are more upscale than American Idol.

Mr. Personality is sixth in adults 18-49 and third in 18-34, while
Married by America is ninth in adults 18-49 and seventh in adults 18-34.

The top-rated 18-34 show is The WB Television Network’s Dawson’s Creek, which went off
the air in May after seven seasons.

Fox’s girls club, canceled after two episodes, was the second most
upscale show in the young demo.

Fox’s 24 and NBC's Will & Grace and Good Morning, Miami were
the only shows to rate among the top 15 in all of the key adult demos: 18-34,
18-49, 25-54 and 35-64.

In adults 25-54, Will & Grace, Good Morning, Miami,
Frasier on Thursday nights at 9:30 (as opposed to when it airs in its
regular Tuesday 9 p.m. time slot) and NBC’s The West Wing prevail in
adults 25-54.

Frasier in its regular time slot is 22nd among adults 18-49,
40th among adults 18-34 and 13th among adults 25-54.

West Wing also is tops among adults 35-64, followed by NBC’s
Ed, which ranks 28th among adults 18-49.