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We won the P. Biddy!

It was last Thursday morning, and Madeleine Smithberg, executive producer of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart on Comedy Central, was extraordinarily happy. She had just seen the news that, for whatever reasons, non-convicted rapper Puff Daddy had announced he wanted to now be known as P. Diddy. "I was giddy, laughing because I knew we had a great item for our headlines," she related. As she was going to another office, she ran into head writer Ben Karlin. "Did you hear? I can't believe it! P. Diddy!" she exclaimed. He responded, "No! Peabody! Did you hear? We won the Peabody Award." (See story, page 12.) How does she feel about the honor? "It takes all the legitimacy out of our illegitimacy," Smithberg fretted. "It's a bummer." (That night, The Daily Show mentioned at a commercial break that it was the winner of the "prestigious World's Best Golfer award" instead.)