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We Have Your Numbers!

Editor: I am writing in response to your article "Take A Number" (B ROADCASTING & C ABLE , Nov. 13). Your article suggests that nobody is tracking the number of commercial broadcast stations in the United States. Although the FCC no longer provides the industry with monthly reports of total numbers of commercial broadcast stations, BIA Financial Network (BIAfn) tracks commercial broadcast station information through a database software application titled,
Media Access Pro
. Currently, there are 4,792 commercial AM and 6,072 FM radio stations and 1,289 commercial television stations. In addition, there are 371 public/education stations. The software is updated daily to provide accurate, timely and comprehensive information on both U.S. television and radio station owners. The program's user-friendly interface allows individuals to analyze revenues, ratings, ownership, transactions, demographics, technical statistics and much more

Francis S. Moore, communications and media relations manager, BIA Finanacial Network, Chantilly, Va.