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WCVB Named Gabriel's Station of the Year...Again

The Catholic Church had given out its Gabriel Awards for "the positive, creative treatment of concerns to humankind" in broadcasting and film.

The Television Station of the Year Award went to Hearst-Argyle's WCVB-TV Boston, with a certificate of merit in the category to New England Cable News.

It which the public deserves and which out world so desperately needs, said the awards committee in its letter to WCVB. "Among all of the great TV stations in America who serve their public extremely well, it is indeed a high honor to be selected as the one above all peers,: said President and GM Bill Fine.

What's the secret to winning 15 awards as best station? "A day in, day out service that has been consistently applied by GM's news directors, public affairs directors, and others," he says. "We don't have a lot of turnover, so it is easy to pass the torch."

Other TV winners were:

Entertainment...National Release

"The Reading Room":  Gabriel

                    Hallmark Channel

Entertainment...Local Release

                    "Bananas":  Gabriel

                    Guardian Studios, Columbus, OH

Arts...National Release

                 "Rick Steves' European Christmas":  Gabriel

                Oregon Public Broadcasting and Back Door Productions

Arts...Local Release

                 "Evergreen Wishes Presents Dancing Day":  Gabriel

                Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Television

Documentary...National Release

                 "Indecently Exposed":  Gabriel

                WestWind Pictures Ltd, Regina, SK, Canada

                "The Hobart Shakespeareans":  Gabriel

                Co-production of Mel Stuart Prods, Thirteen/WNET and

                                P.O.V./American Documentary

Documentary...Local Release

                 "Way to Live:  The John Kach Story":  Gabriel

                New England Cable News

Short Feature...National Release

                 "CBC News: The National - Auschwitz:

                                Speaking of the Unspeakable":  Gabriel

                Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Television

                "Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly: 

                                Buddhist Tiger Temple":  Certificate of Merit

                Thirteen/WNET, Washington, DC

Short Feature...Markets 1-25

                 "Butterfly Princess":  Gabriel

                New England Cable News

Short Feature...Markets 26+

                 "Family Union":  Gabriel

                WCNC-TV, Charlotte, NC

Children’s...National Release

                 "ZOOM":  Gabriel

                WGBH Educational Foundation

Children’s...Local Release

                 "Taylor's Attic":  Gabriel

                Guardian Studios, Columbus, OH

Religious...National Release

                 "God, Country, Notre Dame:  The Story of

                                Father Ted Hesburgh, C.S.C.":  Gabriel

                  Family Theater Productions,

                  Rev. Wilfred Raymond, C.S.C. Executive Producer;

                  Craig  MacGowan, Producer and Director

Religious...Local Release

                 "A Spiritual Journey with the Fisk Jubilee Singers":  Gabriel

                WKRN-TV, Nashville, TN

News/Informational...National Release

                 "Willa Cather - The Road Is All":  Gabriel

                NET Television and WNET, New York

  News/Informational...Local Release

                 "From Pittsburgh to Poland:  Lessons of the Holocaust":  Gabriel

                WQED Multimedia, Pittsburgh, PA

News Story...National Release

                 "Blessing of the Dead":  Gabriel

                HDNews, Woodbury, NY

News Story...Local Release

                 "Achieve the Impossible":  Gabriel

                News 12 Long Island

                "Miracles Happen":  Certificate of Merit

                News 12 Long Island

Community Awareness/PSA...National Release

                 "Truck Stop":  Gabriel

                The Foundation for a Better Life, Denver, CO

Community Awareness/PSA...Local Release

                 "Joe":  Gabriel

                Bonneville Communications, Salt Lake City, UT