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WCPO ‘Insiders’ Get Washington Post

Subscribers to WCPO Cincinnati’s paid model now get free access to The Washington Post in an arrangement between WCPO parent Scripps and the newspaper. Subscribers to get exclusive stories and in-depth content in a unique gated content initiative that debuted late in 2013.

“WCPO Insiders are people who like to be in the know about what is happening in their community and around the world,” said Dave Peterson, general manager of WCPO Digital. “Being a WCPO Insider provides our members with exclusive reporting on local topics including politics, business, crime and justice, education and the arts. Now they also will receive complimentary access to the highest-quality global, national and political news from one of the world’s best news sources–and just in time for election season.”

Readers can choose from three Insider packages priced at $99.99, $79.99 and the monthly pass at a penny for four weeks, and $7.99 per month thereafter. The first two options include the Washington Post subscription, which includes all digital applications.

“This partnership allows us to engage with more readers, and it’s a great opportunity for those readers to access Post content that is smart, informative, and relevant to their lives,” said Steve Hills, president and general manager of The Washington Post.

Jeff Bezos acquired the newspaper in 2013.