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WCAU Philly Helicopter Takes Off

WCAU Philadelphia debuted its new helicopter, Skyforce10,
Feb. 25. The helicopter holds two interior and two exterior cameras, a
telestrator that allows reporters to interact with live video and the ability
to stay in flight for 2½ to 3 hours.

WCAU plans to introduce Web integration soon that will let
online users track the helicopter in real time, with a live feed from the tail
camera and live mapping of its location.

In September, the NBC-owned station announced it was
departing Local News Service -- the video-sharing concept that debuted in
Philadelphia between WCAU and Fox's WTXF in January 2009.

"Of course we have our team on the ground for every
breaking news situation, but we have SkyForce10 in the air, with a journalist
inside, being able to tell you what's going on, not only what you're seeing but
how that affects you and tell the story behind it," said Christine
Maddela, WCAU reporter, on the station site. "It is really a