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WCAU Exits LNS Content Share

WCAU Philadelphia, a founding member of the Local News
Service arrangement that sees stations join forces on what the principals have
called "non-enterprise stories," such as press conferences, is
exiting the content alliance in DMA No. 4. The decision came from WCAU
management, said a station insider, not from NBC Owned Stations in New York.

Eric Lerner took over as general manager in March. Anzio
Williams came on board as news director in July.

The split was previously reported on It will
officially happen in the next few months.

WCAU plans to have its own helicopter, says the station insider,
by the end of the year.

The move, which the station rep says was announced to
employees earlier this summer, is about helping WCAU differentiate its news
product from the competition.

The concept debuted in Philadelphia in January 2009. Then
NBC owned stations president John Wallace and Fox Television Stations CEO Jack
Abernethy announced the partnership late in 2008.

NBC Owned Stations is still involved in content
partnerships with stations in New York, Chicago and Dallas, while it has exited shares in Washington, Los Angeles, and soon, Philadelphia.