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WB Shuffles Schedule

The WB is shifting its schedule around to boost some new shows, while pulling Blue Collar TV and Living With Fran off the air for now.

Blue Collar TV, which had been airing Sunday at 9, will be replaced with a second run of new drama, Supernatural, which airs Tuesday at 9.

The WB will also flip the original and repeat of Related starting Oct. 31, slating the original Monday at 9 and the repeat against powerhouse Desperate Housewives at 9 on Wednesday.

The original had been airing up against Housewives, with repeats airing Monday at 9 ever since the net pulled the floundering, Just Legal, after a few episodes.

The WB wants to give both shows a chance to build out of the shadow of ABC's juggernauts, Housewives and Lost.

To help boost its flagging Friday, The WB has pulled the oft-panned Living With Fran at 9:30 and will move Twins there from 8:30 (to give it a stronger lead-in from WB's top comedy, Reba). In Twins' place at 8:30 will be a second helping of 8 p.m. show, What I Like About You.

The WB still has nine unaired episodes each of Fran and Blue Collar, which will make it to air sometime in the season, according to a network spokesman.