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The WB Is Mordor-Bound

The WB Television Network will be taking a trip to Middle Earth every November sweeps for the next three years.

The network will air The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in high definition this fall, the first time the movie will air on broadcast television, said network Co-CEO Jordan Levin.

The next two films in the trilogy-The Two Towers and The Return of the King-will air during subsequent November sweeps. The WB also has the rights to air all three films in the 2006-07 broadcast season.

"The WB made a huge bet on this franchise a couple of years back and that has paid off in a way we never dreamed," Levin said. "The films share so many elements with our brand–youthful, fantasy entertainment with a strong dose of empowerment–and they will enable us to create event programming that can platform important series for us."

The Return of the Kings won 11 Academy Awards, winning every category for which it was nominated and tying the all-time record with Ben Hur and Titanic.