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Watching Ellie returns to NBC

NBC is bringing back sitcom Watching Ellie for six episodes starting
Tuesday, April 15.

The show, starring Seinfeld alumna Julia Louis-Dreyfus, will air
following Frasier Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m.

Watching Ellie was a midseason show for NBC last year, using a single
camera to shoot and a ticking clock that marked time on the show, a la Fox's

This year, the show will go to the typical multicamera format and will scrap
the clock.

The show takes over from A.U.S.A., the Scott Foley-starrer that was
airing in the spot.

NBC had given A.U.S.A. a limited tryout run in the slot, and its
performance lagged behind that of the previous occupant, Hidden Hills.