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Wanted: NCTA Chairman

Consolidation has thinned the ranks of big cable operators so much that the National Cable & Telecommunications Association can’t cough up chairmen.

For ages, senior industry execs rotated in one-year terms. But companies keep getting into trouble, so tapping their top guns to helm NCTA is problematic. Expect Time Warner Cable Chairman Glenn Britt to get elected to a second term after the National Cable Show next month. (NCTA prez Robert Sachs actually runs the association.) Next in line for the semi-ceremonial seat is Comcast CEO Brian Roberts. But he says he doesn’t want the post while he’s stalking Disney.

Industry bigwigs don’t want to dip down into the ranks of small operators. The previous chair, Michael Willner, served two terms because his successor was John Rigas, then-chairman of scandal-ridden Adelphia Communications.