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Wallace Subpoenaed

CBS is fighting a subpoena against correposndent Mike Wallace by Richard M. Scrushy, the subject of an Oct. 12, 2003, 60 Minutes piece.

Scrushy is on trial for alleged securities fraud while he was CEO of Birmingham, Ala.-based health care giant, HealthSouth. The alleged fraud reportedly included ill-gotten gains that went into Rolls Royces, gems, and original Picassos.

The SEC back in March 2003 filed suit against Scrushy for $1.4 billion in inflated earnings, alleging that Scrushy and others pressured the company to boost the earnings figures, then received bonuses and other remuneration on the basis of those numbers.

"We are seeking to quash this subpoena, as we do all intrusions into the newsgathering process," said a 60 Minutes spokesman. Such subpoenas are not uncommon for the much-honored investigative magazine show.