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Wallace Counters Nightline Name Show

In response to Nightline's airing of the roll call of the names of dead soldiers on last Friday's show, Fox News Channel's Chris Wallace, a former Nightline fill-in anchor himself, is planning a rebuttal segment of sorts on Fox News Sunday this week.

"As I watched first the promotion, the publicity tour, for the program and then the program itself, I just thought it was a wrong-headed way to pay tribute to the troops. You should do more than just list the fact that they died, you should talk about what they went halfway around the world and died for," Wallace told B&C.

"What We've Accomplished," he says, "will be a corrective to Nightline."

Wallace said he would not have pulled the Nightline broadcast as the Sinclair Broadcast group did, a move that spurred much criticism. " I think you probably do a disservice to your viewers by not letting them see the broadcast," he said.

Wallace also wanted to correct an earlier report that he believed the Nightline broadcast was politically motivated. He said he takes Koppel at his word that it was not meant to be a political statement, but that ultimately it turned out to be one.