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VOA Kenyan Audience Follows Obama

Voice of America says its broadcasting services to Kenya were busy during the Democratic national convention keeping up with the interest from African countries.

 Barack Obama's father was Kenyan.

 The Voice of America says affiliates in Kenya and Tanzania wre "keenly interested" in the both parties and conventions. But VOA concedes that there is "added interest in this election from VOA's audience in Africa because Barack Obama has a connection to Kenya through his father."

 VOA Swahilli reported live from Denver, then fielded questions during call-in portions of the shows. 

"After Barack Obama's surprise appearance at the convention Wednesday night following former President Bill Clinton's speech, there was great interest in what he said, how he responded to Clinton, and what his message would be Thursday," said VOA.

 VOA is covering both conventions, and this week aired an interview with former President Carter from the convention in which he was critical of the current administration's foreign policy.

 VOA is the U.S. government's nonmilitary overseas broadcasting service.