Viewership Deep Dive: ‘NCIS’ and Its Spinoffs

NCIS has been going strong on CBS for over a decade and last week it kicked off its 16th season. We partnered with Inscape, the TV measurement company with glass-level data from a panel of more than 9 million smart TVs and devices, to look at viewership trends across this popular series as well as its spinoff shows NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans.

We started by examining viewership crossover since Sept. 1, 2017 between these three shows and discovered that 57% of NCIS watchers also tuned into NCIS: Los Angeles, while slightly fewer (55%) watched NCIS: New Orleans. Of the Los Angeles audience, 57% watched New Orleans while an impressive 68% watched the original NCIS. Finally, 59% of the New Orleans viewers checked out Los Angeles, while 67% also tuned in to the original.

When it comes to other shows the NCIS audience enjoys, police and crime procedurals top the list, including The Blacklist, Chicago P.D., Blindspot, Chicago Fire and Chicago Med.

When it comes to viewer location, Maine households tuned in most consistently across all three shows. New Orleans viewers tuned in to watch the spinoff based in their area more so than L.A. or D.C. viewers when looking at those areas’ respective shows. The DMAs around Oklahoma City and Great Falls also tune in heavily across all three series.

(On the heatmaps below, the darker the color in the graphic, the more households tuning in.)