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Viewers Want VNR IDS, Poll Finds

Eight out of 10 viewers would not be turned off if news programs always disclosed the source of third-party video--i.e., video news releases.

That's according to a phone poll of 1000 respondents conducted by VNR distributor D S Simon Productions.

Four out of 10 respondents (42%) said they would be even more likely to watch a program that disclosed video sources, while 39% said such disclosures would not make them any less likely to watch.

Only 16% said they would be less likely to watch.

“If news directors or TV producers fear using or disclosing third-party video to viewers, the survey indicates that disclosing the source of footage could actually boost ratings, not threaten them,” said Douglas Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions.

VNR distributors are trying to head off a possible backlash against the third-party video business in the wake of criticism of Bush administration use of unattributed videos pushing government programs. The administration has advised its agencies to use caution, but says that truthful VNR's do not require on-screen identification.

Some in Congress disagree, backed by a Government Accounting Office opinion, and are pushing legislation to require on-screen IDs throughout VNRs.