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Viacom, Fox strike duopoly swap

The Fox and Viacom station groups have agreed to an exchange that will give Viacom a duopoly in the No. 5 San Francisco market and Fox duopolies in No. 8 market Washington and No. 11 Houston.

Viacom will exchange WDCA Washington and KTXH(tv) Houston-where Fox owns WTTG(tv) and KRIV respectively - for KBHK-TV San Francisco, where CBS already owns WPIX-TV.

Viacom now has seven duopolies, all in major markets: San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, Dallas, Miami, Detroit and Pittsburgh. Fox's two duopolies join duopolies in top markets New York and Los Angeles, and in Dallas, Phoenix and a proposed duopoly in Minneapolis.
- Dan Trigoboff