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Viacom Appoints Tolosa as Chief Transformation Officer

As he tries to turn around Viacom, CEO Bob Bakish has named Jose Tolosa as Chief Transformation Officer.

Tolosa had been chief operating officer of Viacom International Networks, where he worked closely with Bakish before Bakish was elevated to CEO last year.

In his new job, Tolosa will oversee a team responsible for developing and executing the company’s strategic priorities.

"Jose brings to this new role a strategic and global perspective and unmatched insights into Viacom's business,” said Bakish. “At VIMN, he played an instrumental role in evolving our international media business, including the launch of our highly successful Play Plex mobile apps and their ongoing expansion to the U.S. as Chief Transformation Officer, Jose will build on this strong track record by ensuring we are aligning our operations to meet our goals and best position Viacom for the future."

Tolosa joined Viacom in 2008 and held a number of positions at Viacom’s international division.

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