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Vets Pull Sinclair Complaint

As advertised, the Veterans Institute for Security and Democracy Wednesday withdrew its complaint against Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. over its airing (actually, at the time of the complaint, planned airing) of an anti-Kerry special on the majority of its TV stations.

The group, based on news reports that Sinclair was going to preempt regular programming to air the anti-Kerry documentary Stolen honor on all 62 of its stations, had asked Oct. 19 for equal time for Kerry supporters. The show aired Oct. 15.

Sinclair did not ultimately air the documentary, but instead a show about the doc and the firestorm of criticism it generated.

"Because Sinclair modified the program to recognize the existence of opposing points of view, [we] hereby request withdrawal of its initial complaint," wrote the group in withdrawing its complaint. "However, the Veterans Institute remains highly critical of Sinclair's journalistic practices and of Sinclair's proclivity for using its market power to advance a private political agenda."