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Verizon launches Home Media DVR

Verizon is now offering customers of its FiOS TV television service the ability to enjoy digital video recorder (DVR) functionality throughout their homes, without having to rent a DVR-capable set-top for each room.

Verizon has launched its "Home Media DVR," a Motorola DVR-equipped set-top that functions as the media hub by networking with other simple set-tops throughout the home via existing coaxial cable.

To watch recorded programs stored on the central DVR and up to two remote set-top terminals simultaneously, customers can pull down a simple menu and browse through a list of recorded programs. The "media hub" DVR also functions as a dual-tuner DVR on which viewers can watch one program while recording another.

Home Media DVR costs $19.95 per month, $7 more than the monthly fee for the standard FiOS DVR.Additional standard-definition set-tops that serve as "clients" in the Home Media DVR network lease for $3.95 per month.

The "Home Media DVR" also comes bundled with Verizon's Media Manager software, a new feature that allows customers access to photos and music from their personal computer, and to play them on their TV.

“Home Media DVR, with its combination of services, is one of the

most powerful and convenient DVRs available,” said Marilyn O’Connell, Verizon senior vice president – video solutions, in a statement.“It breaks through technology barriers and living room walls to let customers enjoy TV on their own terms throughout the home."

Verizon says that future releases of Home Media DVR will increase the number of set-tops that can simultaneously access recorded content, provide playback of protected content, such as premium movies, and permit playback of home videos stored on the PC.