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Verizon execs tout broadband break

Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg and Senior Vice President Tom Tauke on Wednesday said they expect Congress this year to approve a national broadband policy that will help incumbent phone companies offer high-speed data services all across the country.

"I expect the House to yield a strong vote," Seidenberg said. "Somewhere along the lines we'll get a meeting of the minds and we'll get the right policy for the country."

"Momentum is moving toward passage of a national broadband policy this year," Tauke said, referring also to Senate bills that would give would-be broadband providers low-interest loans or tax relief in return for rolling out high-speed networks to rural and urban-poor areas.

Seidenberg and Tauke's comments come on the heels of harsh words from Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Fritz Hollings (D-S.C.), who on Wednesday said incumbent phone companies' cries for relief from data regulation was "as much nonsense as I've ever heard."
- Paige Albiniak