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‘Van Helsing’ Final Season on Syfy April 16

Van Helsing on Syfy
(Image credit: Syfy)

The final season of fantasy drama Van Helsing begins on Syfy April 16. It is season five and 13 episodes remain. 

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the world of Van Helsing is covered in ash after a volcano blows, blocking out sunlight and allowing vampires to rule America.

The new season sees Vanessa, Violet and Jack risk everything to finally bring an end to the Dark One. The Van Helsings must figure out ways to escape and evade the obstacles in their path that stand to prevent them from their mission, leading to a final showdown between the Van Helsings and the Dark One. 

“Who will win the battle between light and dark?” wonders Syfy. 

Kelly Overton, Jonathan Scarfe, Tricia Helfer, Aleks Paunovic, Kim Coates, Keeya King, Nicole Munoz and Jesse Stanley are in the cast. 

Van Helsing is produced by Nomadic Pictures, Dynamic Television and Echo Lake Entertainment. The executive producers are Chad Oakes, Michael Frislev, Jonathan Lloyd Walker, Neil Labute and Dan March.