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Valenti, Rosen, Fritts team up

Trade association heads are teaming up to talk to Congress about streaming audio and video over the Internet, which all traditional content providers seem to be worrying about these days.

Motion Picture Association of America President Jack Valenti, National Association of Broadcasters President Eddie Fritts and Recording Industry Association of America President Hilary Rosen all will testify this Thursday (June 15).

Presenting a likely counterpoint will be William Craig, president of, who MPAA and NAB member companies earlier this year successfully sued for streaming live broadcast TV signals over the Internet without permission.

Craig says his company plans to announce blocking technology in about six weeks that will allow only Internet users within TV stations' markets to view the signals.

Other witnesses planning to appear before the House Courts and Intellectual Property Subcommittee: Register of Copyrights Mary Beth Peters; Tom Ostertag, Major League Baseball's general counsel; Jonathan Potter, executive director of the Digital Media Association; Peggy Miles, chairman of the International Webcasting Association; Dean Kay, president and CEO of Lichelle Music, representing copyright organization ASCAP; and Charles Moore, vice president of