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USAs common sense

Common sense, not pressure from one of television's top advertisers, was behind the demise of Who Killed Sue Snow?, according to a USA Network spokesman.

The made-for-TV movie was based on the 1986 case of a woman who tried to cover the murder of her husband with poisoned Excedrin by lacing bottles on store shelves, mimicking the 1982 Tylenol tamperings.

Johnson & Johnson, maker of Tylenol, reportedly threatened to pull advertising.

"They said, look, we think this movie will cause a big problem," said one USA insider, but it was the network's new General Manager Rob Sorcher who pulled the plug. Taking a look at the project, he was concerned about the potential for another wave of copycat killings. "And you know what would happen," the insider said. "People would say it's because of that movie USA did."