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U.S. Sen. Bennet Far Outspends Challenger on TV

Coloradans are seeing a lot more of U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, a Democrat running for reelection, on TV this election season than his newly designated Republican challenger, Darryl Glenn.

With a massive fundraising lead, Bennet has already spent $8.9 million on local TV, cable and satellite ads, which will run through Election Day, according to Colorado Public Radio.

Glenn, an El Paso County commissioner, on the other hand, clinched Tuesday’s nomination with little money and an all-volunteer staff, spending roughly $200,000 on TV ads, CPR said.

Glenn’s challengers in the primary, however, had somewhat deeper pockets. During the six weeks leading up to Tuesday’s vote, those candidates, as well as the conservative PACs that supported them, spent a total of nearly $2 million on TV, cable and satellite ads. Bennet spent roughly $1.6 million during that same period of time.