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Can the NAB convention get any bigger? NAB thinks so. In fact, it is hoping to fill a new million-square-foot hall the Las Vegas convention center is building and plans to have ready in 2002. But to incorporate that hall, NAB needs an anchor tenant to draw attendees to the new digs. To that end, NAB is trying to persuade its biggest exhibitor, Sony, to lead the migration. "We are considering it," said Sony marketer Alec Shapiro.

NAB is already one of the biggest shows around and getting bigger. In 2001, NAB expects to have 1,600 exhibitors taking up 980,000 square feet. That's compared to 1,500 exhibs and 938,000 square feet last year. (They have already sold 700,000 square feet for 2002.) Last year's attendance was 117,000. "Based on pre-registration it looks like we are going to top that easily this year," said an NAB spokesman.