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UPN runs affil contest to fuel fall debuts

UPN marketing executives have started a contest with its affiliates in an effort to raise awareness for their fall launch.

UPN's Ultimate Fall Launch Promotion Contest will allow general managers and promotion managers at UPN affiliates a shot at winning all expense-paid trips to Europe, the Caribbean, golf packages and Michael Jordan's fantasy basketball camp. The contest is split between affiliates in metered and non-metered markets with first-place prizes on both sides.

For metered-market stations, the affiliate with the strongest ratings and time period growth for the premieres of Enterprise, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Roswell and Special Unit 2 will take first prize. For non-metered stations, the affiliate with the best November sweep performance will take the cake.

"I think the thing the affiliates have most responded to is the fact that for once they don't have to go on a trip with network people," says Adam Ware, UPN's COO.
- Joe Schlosser