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UPN Mum on Mars' Fate

UPN isn't ready to say whether critically acclaimed drama Veronica Mars will be renewed for a second season.

But one thing is certain: the network promises that the show's lead character will solve the ongoing mystery surrounding the murder of her best friend, Lilly Kane, before the end of the season.

UPN Entertainment President Dawn Ostroff says she's one of  a small handful of people who know who done it. "It'll keep everybody guessing. I don't think you'll be disappointed," she said at a Wednesday press conference. "Our staff has actually been taking bets on who killed Lilly." Critical plaudits haven't translated into strong ratings for the show.

And things will only get tougher for Veronica now that it will be competing head to head with Fox's American Idol, which debuted this week.

Tuesday's Veronica episode, a repeat, was the lowest rated show of the evening on all six networks. It was up against American Idol, which pulled in the highest ratings of any show this season. As far as the show's future is concerned, UPN's silence doesn't necessarily mean that Veronica won't be back in the fall.

UPN generally doesn't announce renewals until later in the year. The exceptions are generally hit shows, like America's Next Top Model, which UPN on Tuesday said will be back next season for its fifth and sixth cycles.