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UPN division heads to report to CBS counterparts

CBS president and CEO Les Moonves has restructured United Paramount Network
so that its division heads report to their opposite numbers at CBS.

They include the heads of scheduling, marketing, sales and media

CBS and UPN executives weren't commenting, but a number of layoffs are
expected at UPN as Moonves continues to reorganize the network.

In an internal memo, Moonves said, 'The days ahead will be challenging and
exciting. With our new president of entertainment [Dawn Tarnofsky-Ostroff] and
new structure in place, I think we're headed down the right road.'

The restructuring came packaged with the news that Moonves has renewed Adam
Ware's contract to remain on as the network's chief operating officer.

Ware's contract was up next month, and it had been unclear whether Moonves
would keep Ware around as the network's top operating executive.

Ware will work closely with Moonves and Tarnofsky-Ostroff.

In the UPN/CBS memo, Moonves told his staffers, 'Adam has provided a steady
hand during the last several years of UPN's development, and I look forward to
his continued contributions as the network begins this period of transformation
and growth.'

Ware joined UPN as COO in 1999 after serving as executive vice president at
USA Broadcasting.