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Upfronts 2010: ‘Grey’s’ Remake, Lovesick Network Bosses in New Telemundo Slate


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presented a batch of new programs and strategic developments at an upfront
breakfast Thursday morning (May 13) in New York, the Spanish-language network stressing that
the 2010 Census' findings will show just how substantial a presence the
Hispanic community has in the U.S. With a large and growing reserve of original
programming, Telemundo is increasingly working with advertisers to get their
marketing message into the network's programs. Telemundo described its
all-platforms, all-the-time approach as the "New Now."

developments include linking viewers directly to the creative minds behind their
favorite telenovelas through real-time social media, streaming
Telemundo's trademark novelas on the web with English subtitles, and
partnering with MSN to offer a high definition broadband video player on

rookie programs for 2010-2011 include El Fantasma de Elena, a dark drama
about a woman haunted by the ghost of her husband's dead wife; Casanova
Sin Amor
, a romantic novela about a network president and his courtship of
a poor young actress ("He's rich, and he owns a top-rated network,"
went the voiceover tease); A Corazon Abierto, a Grey's Anatomy-based
hospital drama about a cadre of attractive young surgeons in Texas; and La
Reina del Sur
, a Kate del Castillo-starring crime drama centered on a sexy
female drug trafficker who packs a pistol in her purse.

Corazon Abierto

debuts at 7 p.m. May 17, as Telemundo extends its primetime to the 7 p.m. hour.

newbies on Telemundo cable sibling mun2include Jenni Rivera Presents
Chiquis and Raq-C
, a reality show about the daughter of Mexican music icon
Rivera, and her Hollywood running mate Raq-C, a popular radio personality.

COO Jacqueline Hernandez said mun2's target audience is YLAs: Young
Latino Americans.

a former NBC News executiveVP, said Telemundo will increase its news
presence, both nationally and on its local stations. Citing Arizona's new
immigration law, Browne said it's a critical time for the
Spanish-language news media to be on top of its game, and pointed out that
Telemundo was the lone major network to send a reporter to Arizona when the
controversial legislation was passed.

is my passion point and it's really the core values of who we are,"
he said.

is part of NBC Universal.

Telemundo execs shared figures showing that Hispanic immigration in the U.S.
has actually declined from a high point in 2006, a result of the recession and
stricter border patrol. But Browne said the Census results, which are scheduled
to be delivered to President Obama in December, will show just how much a part
of the U.S. fabric the Hispanic community is.

the Census is manifested, it's going to be game-changing," he said.