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UPFRONT & CENTER: History Unveils Series, Specials

On the heels of a hugely successful 18 months, History is set to unveil seven new series in production and seven new specials for the coming year.

The shows -- with topics ranging from trains and battles to dinosaurs and brain chemistry -- are set to roll out throughout the next year and follow one in which History launched its nine highest-rated shows ever and officially dropped the word “Channel” from its moniker to reflect continued efforts to own the brand on all platforms.

The new series in production are: Evolve (second-quarter 2008), a profile of innovations that have shaped evolution; Extreme Trains (fourth-quarter 2008), a train profile series hosted by train conductor Matt Bown; The Works (third-quarter 2008), a behind-the-scenes look at how things like motorcycles and power tools work; American Original Sandhogs (third-quarter 2008), a profile of the group that builds New York’s underground tunnels; Surviving History (second-quarter 2008), a show that unites thrill-seeking historians with historical weaponry and artifacts; What Went Down (2009), a first-person, computer-generated-imaging look at unseen moments from history; and Battles BC (2009), stories of heroes and military strategists from ancient times.

“The History brand is poised to continue its pre-eminence in the marketplace,” executive vice president and general manager Nancy Dubuc said in a statement. “Our mission is to make History the first-choice destination for viewers, and our goal is to create appointment-viewing series for every night of the week. We are making history more active, personal and accessible, and the response from viewers has been extraordinary. Our commitment to great storytelling and immersing viewers in the narrative is at the heart of our success. These new series reflect that and speak volumes about where we are headed.”

New specials in the works include Moonshot (second half of 2009), a behind-the-scenes look at the Apollo 11 moon landing; Cowboys (2009), a look at life in the old West in the 1800s; What Really Killed the Dinosaurs (2009), a dissection of the different theories explaining dinosaurs’ extinction; The American Future: A History (fourth-quarter 2008), historical perspective on four big issues that are debated in America; Einstein (fourth-quarter 2008), a personal and professional profile of the genius; Secrets of Body Language (fourth-quarter 2008), an explanation of the gestures and expressions through which humans communicate; and The Brain (fourth-quarter 2008), an in-depth exploration of brain function.

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