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Univision Republican Debate Outdraws Hispanic Network’s Democratic Forum

The Republican party’s effort to talk directly to Hispanic voters at least drew the attention of that growing viewing population, and it even drew more than their Democratic counterparts.

According to the Nielsen Hispanic Station Index, as crunched by a Univision spokesman, 10% more Hispanics of voting age (18-plus) watched Univision's Republican debate in New York, the nation's top market and top Hispanic market, than watched Univision's Democratic forum.

According to the NHSI numbers, 235,000 Hispanic viewers of voting age watched the forum on WXTV New York ( from 7 p.m.-8:30 p.m. Sunday, while 214,000 watched the Sept. 9 Democratic forum.

Both were on Sunday nights and both were in Spanish, with the candidates answering in English and those answers translated into Spanish.