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Unheralded pioneers


I was browsing through the July 28 issue of Broadcasting & Cable and came across the article (p. 12) about Raycom Media building a brand-new digital television station in South Carolina, which stated: “It is what many are calling the first built-from-scratch digital station in the U.S.”

This is not correct. The first one was actually KOHD News in Bend, Ore. It is owned by Chambers Communications of Eugene, Ore., is an ABC affiliate and it went on the air at the end of September 2007. The station is completely tapeless and HD, from ENG to broadcast.

I was a member of the first news team there and was the technical director on the day that the station went on-air. I have since moved on to a different job at a different station.

I do recognize that Bend is only DMA No. 192 and that Chambers only owns three stations, but that does not mean that the pride that was taken by those of us involved in the launch of this station was any less than that of a larger DMA or a company that owns more stations.

I just want to make you aware that there is more to the TV world than just top 100 markets and that those of us in the smaller sectors of the business are still able to do great things that need to be recognized from time to time.

Rion Seick, Chief News Photographer KNDU Kennewick, Wash.