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Tynan, McCurdy Launch 'Huntington' Station Group

David Tynan and Robert "Dave" McCurdy are behind
the new local TV venture Huntington Broadcast Management Group, which seeks to
build a collection of network affiliated stations in small- to medium-sized

"Huntington has begun to review acquisition
opportunities together with a middle market private equity fund with over $1
billion of assets under management," said the principals in a statement.
The group is being advised by investment banking firm EFA Partners.

Tynan and McCurdy cite their experience in management at
Tribune, Sinclair and Montecito Broadcast Group, among others.

"We are very excited about the prospects for the
industry and the emerging technological opportunities to capitalize upon,"
said Tynan, who is CEO. "As such, we are committed to accomplishing our
goal of acquiring or building a best-in-class station group."

McCurdy is the CFO.