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Two-thirds of stations may miss DTV deadline

Roughly 66 percent of the country's 1,300 commercial TV stations could miss
the May 1 deadline for launching digital TV, according to a crunching of Federal
Communications Commission data.

As of Friday, 732 applications to delay the digital-TV deadline had been
processed by the FCC, with another 18 still waiting to be logged.

Of those, three have been dismissed because licensees decided that they will
make the deadline after all. Another 49 have been dismissed because applicants
have not yet received digital-TV-construction permits and aren't required to
meet the May 1 date.

In all, 160 construction permits still await commission approval, FCC
officials have said.

If no other applications are dismissed due to a lack of construction permits,
the total number of stations saying they won't make the May target will be