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Two takes on ad spending

Nielsen Media Research reported Monday that ad spending for the first three quarters of 2002 was up 3.8 percent, based on data collected by its Monitor-Plus ad-tracking service.

By comparison, competitor CMR/TNS Media Intelligence reported a week ago that spending was up 2.2 percent.

Both services pegged a decline in TV-syndication ad sales. Monitor-Plus had the medium down 8.7 percent, while CMR had the decline at almost 12 percent.

Both trackers also said Internet spending was down, although Monitor-Plus had the medium down marginally (1 percent), while CMR had it down 18 percent.

The reported gain for the broadcast networks was close: Monitor-Plus had it at 7.9 percent, while CMR said 7.1 percent.

For cable, Monitor-Plus reported a 3 percent gain, while CMR said cable sales were down 1 percent.

Another difference: Spanish-language TV, for which CMR reported almost 26 percent growth while Monitor-Plus reported only a 4.3 percent increase.