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Two Cents

"The media description of this change of name, as well as comments made to me and my wife, confirmed what was obvious—that Spike TV referred to Spike Lee."

Spike Lee in court papers seeking an injunction against Viacom for rebranding TNN "Spike," as reported by AP.

"Spike Lee lives in a world in which there is room for only one 'Spike.'"


Lisa de Moraes, The Washington Post, on Spike Lee vs. Viacom.

"Kids have come to understand that they can wash their dirty laundry (in public) and become celebrities. And that's terrifying."

Child psychiatrist Dr. Jacqueline Olds to Boston Herald's
Marisa Guthrie on the implication of Fox's American Junior.

"I don't want to blow too much smoke here, but the final moment of our show may be the most real moment in reality TV history."

J.D. Roth to Philadelphia Daily News's Stu Bykofsky on Roth's new reality show For Love or Money, in which 15 women will compete for the affection of one man and the winner will have to choose between the man and $1 million.

"If [Martha Stewart] is brought down, the story will be one with Shakespearean overtones—a woman who was so detail oriented that, even with a net worth of hundreds of millions, she could not resist an illegal stock trade that netted her $45,000."

Editorial, The New York Times

"I simply returned a call from my stockbroker. Based in large part on prior discussions with my broker about price, I authorized a sale of my remaining shares in a biotech company called ImClone. I later denied any wrongdoing in public statements and voluntary interviews with prosecutors. The government's attempt to criminalize these actions makes no sense to me.''

Martha Stewart in an open letter published as a full-page ad in the June 5 USA Today

"Martha Stewart is being prosecuted not for who she is, but because of what she did."

James B. Comey, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York

"Incest—even between sisters, and even if only by association—conjures images of drunk, portly uncles, birth defects, low I.Q.s, and missing teeth. This stuff usually doesn't make people thirsty for an ice-cold Coors. And it's stuff, you'd think, advertisers would want to stay away from."

Shari Waxman,, on the Coors Light ads featuring twins Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski.

"Taped last week in L.A., [The MTV Movie Awards] airs at 9 ET Thursday on MTV and will repeat roughly every six hours until everyone between the ages of 12 and 24 has seen it."

Aaron Barnhart, Kansas City Star