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Two Cents

"Dance is dead. The chances of seeing the Bolshoi Ballet on network TV are about the same as Jackass winning a Peabody Award. And don't bring up the success of Chicago, a musical with cuts so fast and furious you couldn't tell whether Richard Gere was tapping or running away from a gerbil."

Neal Justin, Minneapolis-St.Paul Star Tribune, on the cast of NBC's Will & Grace's penchant for tripping the light fantastic.

"Finally, a show that parents can watch with their children's probation officer."

Alessandra Stanley, The New York Times, on UPN's Platinum.

"It's 'New Jack Dynasty.'"

Matthew Gilbert, The Boston Globe, on UPN's Platinum.

"It doesn't have a style. It has lots of them: hip-hop MTV one minute, NYPD Blue-style hand-held confrontation the next, with a lot of stutter-step editing, loud soundtrack music and thuggish posturing the next.

David Bianculli, New York's Daily News, on Platinum.