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Two Cents

"David Bloom was a smart, energetic professional whose enthusiasm for the job was evident in every question he asked and every story he covered."

Former President Bill Clinton

"You want to know what the most satisfying thing in the world is? I have a great son, and to be able to watch it with him and say, 'Look, this has something on its mind.' Hysterical as they may be, it's wonderful to see something serious in the midst of all that tomfoolery."

Norman Lear on South Park
after the TV legend took a turn penning an episode of the animated comedy

"It was an event made in TV-news heaven, and the networks spent yesterday obsessively replaying footage of ecstatic Iraqis noosing a statue of Saddam Hussein and forcing it to the ground. And that was after the networks waited with almost comic—and no doubt ratings-generating—patience for the statue to actually keel over."

Matthew Gilbert and Suzanne Ryan, The Boston Globe, on the toppling of Hussein's statue in Baghdad