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Two Cents

"He plays a different Brent, and that's good. He's not as pathetic and weaselly. His main obsession is much more the comedy and less of the philosopher."

Ricky Gervais, star of BBC America's The Office, on Steve Carrell's portrayal of Gervais's character, Brent, in the American version, quoted in the New York Post.

"No one on Friends
ever argued about weapons of mass destruction or what to do about Iraq. Politically, the Friends
characters exuded a vague undertow of social liberalism. It was safe to assume that they were pro-choice, that they didn't condemn premarital sex out of hand (that one we could definitely assume), and that they subscribed to the pleasantly PC view that a family can be assembled from whatever is to hand—in this case, your friends."

Tina Brown, The Washington Post

"At its best, Friends
was a brilliant comic contraption, a snappy blend of off-kilter punchlines and off-kilter behavior. Even at its worst, it was still cheerful and sweet."

Alan Sepinwall, New Jersey's The Star-Ledger

"Add up the IQs of all six characters, and you'll get a figure less than the price of McDonald's dollar burger. Ross, we were supposed to believe, was a paleontologist. … I never believed Ross could spell paleontology."

Robert P. Laurence, The San Diego Union-Tribune

"[Survivor All-Stars] was a fun experiment, but I would vote to never do it again. I think the game is better played by strangers."

host Jeff Probst, quoted in New York's Daily News

"The Oprah show described with graphic detail a sexual term known as 'tossing salad.' It was so offensive that my child's head literally exploded."

From a letter to the FCC complaining about an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show
about teen sex awareness, as reported on Most of the complaints were filed after comedians Howard Stern and Jimmy Kimmel noted the episode on their shows.

"In teaching government to my students, I'm finding it difficult to be honest. How do I teach the notion of 'Freedom of Speech'? Only certain people get that freedom? And people in our government have devised a plan to ensure that the people in their own opinion who are indecent and profane will get fined?"

From a second letter to the FCC on Oprah.

"I knew it was going to happen. I don't think [Lindsey Lohan] likes me very much, but I wasn't insulted. I think it's really mean when they make fun of people. If I ever hosted SNL, I wouldn't do a skit about her. I liked that I got to dress all in pink, though."

Teen actress Hilary Duff, who was parodied on a the Saturday Night Live
sketch featuring Lindsey Lohan, as quoted in USA Today.

"It can be any person off the street—it can't be real fighting. It takes talent to fight."

Boxer Oscar De La Hoya takes a shot at Sylvester Stallone's new reality show The Contender
on Florida's De La Hoya's own boxing reality show, The Next Great Champ, is in the works.