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Two Cents

"Take the force of right-wingers upholding community standards who are determined to defend local control of the public airwaves; combine that with the force of lefties eager to maintain diversity of opinion in local media; add in the independent voters' mistrust of media manipulation; then let all these people have access to their representatives by e-mail and fax, and voilà! Congress awakens to slap down the power grab."

William Safire, The New York Times, on last week's re-reg vote by the House Appropriations Committee.

"It's a sad day that our taxpayer moneys are being used to lock up somebody like her for doing what she was doing. Like Lucy, she's got a big mouth, and she's going to say what she'll say, and we're real proud of her."

Jerry Vlasak about the arrest of his wife, animal activist and former actress Pamelyn Ferdin, as reported by Harrison Sheppard of Los Angeles' Daily News. Ferdin was the voice of Lucy Van Pelt in the Peanuts TV specials.

"I don't know why he invested in DirecTV. It's an obsolete system."

Cablevision's Charles Dolan to The New York Times
on Rupert Murdoch's purchase of DirecTV.

"They're b-a-a-a-a-ack. Once again come nominations for the Emmys, television's annual thundering belch of gaseous self-praise that matters to only the dolled-up, high-fiving industry and the critics writing about it."

Howard Rosenberg, Los Angeles Times, on the Emmy Award nominations

"Today, they celebrate the junk. As long as they can get high ratings, they will do it. Where once they were ashamed of it, now they throw a parade for themselves. And that's probably where my frustration has been growing."

David E. Kelley to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Melanie McFarland on the networks' obsession with reality TV.