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Two Cents

" Curb Your Enthusiasm takes the nastiness, neuroses and pettiness of Seinfeld to new levels of absurdity, demonstrating how little it takes these days for seemingly normal people to blow up and melt down."

-Joyce Millman, HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm ranked no. 3 on her "Best TV of the year" list.

"I was probably the only reporter at the Post who had ever lived in public housing."

-Gwen Ifill, of Washington Week in Review and the Newshour with Jim Lehrer, speaking of her time at the Washington Post, as quoted by Robert Margolis,

"I could have stayed at Today and been safe and comfortable. I could have become a lifer. It certainly would have been the easier thing to do. But I've always taken risks in my life."

-Jeff Zucker, former executive producer of NBC's Today, who has replaced Garth Ancier as president of NBC Entertainment, as told to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"Maybe he accidentally stabbed himself while punching chads on some extra Florida butterfly ballots with Bill Daley."

-Phil Rosenthal, Chicago Sun-Times, imagining President Bill Clinton as a guest on NBC's ER.

-Brian Lowry of the Los Angeles Times, marveling that Fox will be presenting more low-brow reality TV in the coming season, even after it vowed to reach higher in the wake of the Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire? fiasco.

-From the Jan. 8 edition of Fortune, and one in a recent series of news stories and commentaries criticizing the new cable network.

-Steve Johnson, Chicago Tribune television critic, writing "highlights" for the day after Christmas

-Howard Rosenberg, the Los Angeles Times on the departure of Kathie Lee Gifford from ABC's Live with Regis. He considered it one of the highest television points of the year.

-Lisa de Moraes, the Washington Post, on Robert Downey's Golden Globe nomination for his recurring role on Fox's Ally McBeal.

-Kevin James, star of King of Queens, talking to TV Guide about in-flight showings of his CBS sitcom.