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Two Cents

"I think that would be an absolute disservice to the First Amendment,
and I think it would be unconstitutional if we attempted to do so."

FCC Chairman Michael Powell, to
reporters, when asked if the FCC would intervene in the Sinclair broadcast of
Stolen Honor

"It is a sad fact that the explicit public-interest protections we once
had to ensure balance continue to be weakened by the Federal Communications
Commission while it allows media conglomerates to get even bigger. Sinclair and
the FCC are taking us down a dangerous road."

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, on
Sinclair and Stolen Honor

"Stolen Honor is propaganda at its
worst—just as surely designed. And a further sign, as if more were needed, of
the lengths the right will go to, democracy be damned. But the age-old formula
works: The more grotesque the lie, the harder to combat."

Robert Sam Anson in
The New York Observer

"Turns out just 515,000 people mistake J.Lo for a thespian and tuned in
to the season debut of this Bravo series to hear James Lipton, America's
Greatest Living Gasbag, quiz Jennifer Lopez about her acting 'technique.'"

The Washington Post's
Lisa de Moraes, on Inside the Actors Studio

"I'd be stunned if something happened to change my mind."

Daily Show host Jon Stewart on his plan to vote for John Kerry

"The CIA just came out with a new report, and it said that Saddam
Hussein was so fearful of the United States that he used a phone only two times
since the 1990s—once to call his generals and once to vote for Justin

Conan O'Brien

"I feel like—like—a blushing bride."

Saturday Night Livecast member
Amy Poehler, on joining head writer Tina Fey
on the comedy show's "Weekend Update" news segment

"And I feel like an older Greek oil magnate who's taken a young bride.
She's the Jackie O. to my Ari Onassis. Secretly, she's disgusted by me, but she
has no choice."

, on Amy Poehler