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Two Cents

"Matt Lauer's opening one-on-one with Kitty Kelley on the
Today show this week was an example of a new
genre of TV journalism: the interview as Hells Angels initiation ceremony.
After being smacked around, stomped on and having her leathers urinated on from
a great height by Lauer, Kelley was then welcomed back for two consecutive
mornings to plug her new doorstopper, The Family: The
Real Story of the Bush Dynasty

Tina Brown, in a Washington Post column

"Think of the news as a car. If you go in to buy a car, you're told it's
a brand-new perfect car, and then you find it's a piece of crap and say, 'Hey,
I got screwed.' There's a reason television is free. What do you get for
nothing? Nothing."

Jay Leno on television news, interviewed by
LA Weekly's Nikki Finke