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Two Cents

"If Father of the Pride were a live-action series, it would feel even more tired and flat. On the other hand, if it were a live-action series, it would have watchdog groups and the Federal Communications Commission in, pardon the expression, an uproar. In [its] debut, Larry is desperately trying to get some alone time with Kate, who, we're told repeatedly, is in heat. 'It's mountin' time,' he declares when he approaches her, and he's not talking about the Rockies."

Newsday's Noel Holston on NBC animated series Father of the Pride

"Unfortunately, as even the Discovery Channel has discovered, you can only get so much entertainment mileage out of animal sex."

USA Today critic Robert Bianco, on Father of the Pride

"What remains to be seen is whether the show can outlast its somewhat limited conceit. Too much of the humor, I fear, will come to depend on animals saying the darndest things."

The Los Angeles Times' Paul Brownfield, on Father of the Pride

"These are cute, cuddly characters, and you just want to wrap your arms around them and take them home. But then they open their mouths, and you don't know what to think."

Stacy Lynn Koerner, of ad-buying firm Initiative, on Father of the Pride, in The Los Angeles Times