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Two Cents

"Beyond whatever human tragedy transpired, it would have a significant impact on NBC and GE because of what the loss of the Games would mean to the new season."

John Rash, Campbell Mithun media buyer, on the potential impact of a disruption of the Summer Olympics

"Despite the commonness of such claims, little evidence has ever been presented for a left bias at NPR, and FAIR's latest study gives it no support."

From a study conducted by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), which found that NPR consults more Republicans than Democrats in its news coverage, by a ratio of 3-2

"Do we want Opie & Anthony? Do we want Mancow? Do we want Howard Stern? We're talking to all of them."

Sirius Satellite Radio CEO Joseph Clayton to company shareholders, quoted by Reuters

"It turns out that blacks and Hispanics have been tuning out the big networks in favor of Black Entertainment Television, Telemundo, Telefutura, and more than 80 other channels, which posted substantial increases in minority viewership under the people meter system. No wonder BET is publicly backing Nielsen. Despite Murdoch's descent into the racial gutter, the new ratings system is fine."

New York Daily News
editorial on the opposition of Fox and minority groups to Nielsen's new local people meter

"I don't know exactly what he's gonna do. But I doubt if he'll be chasing anybody over fences."

Actor Jerry Orbach, 68, to Newsday's Noel Holston, on the move of Orbach's character, Lenny Briscoe, to spinoff Law & Order: Trial by Jury