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Two Cents

"The Swan
is one more way women and girls will get the message that they are not good enough unless they go to extremes to fit into an increasingly narrow ideal (and even then … not everyone will win this beauty pageant!). It's alarming that cosmetic surgery is becoming 'normal' through media messages, and The Swan
is the worst perpetrator yet."'s take on Fox's reality show The Swan.

"Forget Janet Jackson's boob. It's boob jobs the FCC should be investigating. The current rash of makeover shows infecting our airwaves with unsettling self-loathing is a lot more disturbing than any fictional sex or violence."

Sarah Rodman, the Boston Herald, on the rash of makeover shows on television.

"Everybody's going to hate me! I'm bedding down Gina!"

Steve Buscemi on his Sopranos
sex scene with Alison Bartlett, who plays Gina on Sesame Street.

"It's a good thing my children go to bed at 8 o'clock."

Alison Bartlett on her roles outside of popular children's show Sesame Street.

"Where the Peanuts
children were sad, the kids in South Park
are furious and vengeful."

Virginia Heffernan, The New York Times, on Comedy Central's South Park.

"You can't put a kidney for sale on eBay, and you can't put a competition for a baby as a topic of some sort of dysfunctional reality show."

Jennifer McCormick, a resident of Boonton, N.J., commenting on 20/20's Be My Baby, quoted in The New York Times.

"John Stevens was finally put out of our misery last night, robbing TV critics of another week's worth of conspiracy theories and editorial page writers another easy week of comparing the American Idol
voting controversy to the presidential election."

Lisa DeMoraes, The Washington Post

"He's the Spanish-language Regis when it comes to ubiquitousness, he's Jerry Lewis when it comes to raising money for charity and he's John Madden when it comes to pitching merchandise."

Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle, on Sabado Gigante's Don Francisco.