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Two Cents

"AOL is a very unattractive tail on a beautiful dog. It's the best possible thing for a shareholder—admit your mistake and move on."

State Street Research media analyst Larry Haverty to the Virginia Pilot.

"There was a time when a new Miss America was as famous as the President. These days, she ranks down there with Miss Rheingold."

Tracy Connor, New York's Daily News, on the waning popularity of the Miss America pageant.

"Great leadership, as far as I know, doesn't require that you go toe to toe with pranksters, but for some reason, [politicians] feel that it adds to their electability."

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart.

"If I'm running a campaign and I have a choice for my candidate—you can go to an editorial board or on Oprah Winfrey—you'd go to Oprah Winfrey now."

James Carville, political consultant, CNN Crossfire host and K Street star, on the political campaigning today.

"I wasn't prepared for the depth of feeling that the people had for the Beatles. They were copying our records on old X-rays! That was pretty amazing. I think it's a great idea. Maybe I should do more of that, combining my music and my medical records."

Sir Paul McCartney to The New York Times' Bill Carter, on the Beatles Russian fans. McCartney was in Russia to give a concert and film an A&E special.

"This is what everyone lives for in terms of meteorology. It's a fabulous storm, but on the other hand there is (a concern about people's) safety. It could be deadly. We present it seriously. There are a lot of times weather is fun. This is not one of them."

Alexandra Steele of The Weather Channel to Albany, N.Y.'s Times Union's Mark McGuire, on Hurricane Isabel.

"They went to great steps to set this up. We were in full agreement that the eggs wouldn't go above the chest. They're a gaggle of lying bastards. I don't take it lightly that they took that kind of experiment on my face."

Lyndall Grant to San Mateo, Calif.'s Daily Journal's Dana Yates. Grant, an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator, claims he was misled by producers at ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live. He was hired to reenact the gubernatorial hopeful's egg incident.