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'Two And A Half Men' Rules Nielsen C3 Report

CBS' Two And A Half Men delivered the most impressions during premiere week using the C3 commercial ratings upon which most ad buys are based.

The sitcom, which replaced Charlie Sheen with Ashton Kutcher, was followed by NBC's Sunday Night Football, CBS' new sitcom 2 Broke Girls, NBC's pre-kickoff show, and two back-to-back episodes of ABC's Modern Family using the C3 ratings, which were released to clients of Nielsen Co. Monday.

While those shows were also the top shows in the live plus same day program ratings released daily during premiere week, some other shows moved up using the commercial ratings.

Fox's freshman hit New Girl moved up to eighth place using the C3 ratings. With live plus same day, New Girl was 11th. Fox's Family Guy was 12th using C3, an increase from 17th using live plus same day.

The C3 ratings measure viewership during the average commercial minute of a show whether it is seen live or viewed within three days of airing.