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TVs Hit With Proposed Kids Fines

TV station owner Libco Inc. has been hit with $14,000 in proposed FCC fines for was "willful and repeated failures, to put information on kids TV shows in its public file.

But the FCC also has decided to renew its station licenses anyway, saying the violations were not serious or suggesting "a pattern of abuse."

Keeping that public record is one of stations' obligations under the Children's TV Act of 1990, which just turned 15 years old this week. The FCC proposed fines of $10,000 against WALB(TV) Albany, Ga., and $4,000 KAIT(TV) Jonesboro, Ark.

In filing for its license renewal, WALB and KAIT conceded they had failed to place all of the requisite documentation on compliance with commercial limits in its kids programming. They said they had corrected that, but the FCC said that did not change the fact of the initial violation.

Earlier this month, the FCC renewed the license of Viacom's WUPL(TV) Slidell, La., while also proposing to fine the station $4,000 for its lack of kids TV paperwork.